Joris Voorn Presents…….

Ever since his first EP “muted trax pt.1” on Keynote followed by a hugely successful track “Incident” on the Sino label, Joris Voorn has been on the forefront of the Dutch techno movement. However it was the “A dedicated mind” that really gained Voorn a global success. Now with two artist albums “Future History” on Sino and “From a deep place” on Green under his belt as well as own record label Rejected ( founded with Edwin Oosterwal) Voorn is one of the most recognized names in the industry.

This time Voorn brings us an exclusive short interview with Lauhaus by the man himself ahead of his 7 hour set on the 29th of October in the Box of the Ministry of Sound. Ministry of Sounds turned 20 this year and alongside its global tour continues to bring only the best names in house music. Aside from Voorn the other artists showcasing on the night include Dutch Lauhaus (Intacto), Kabale und Liebe (Soweso) and Anton Piete (Rejected) playing at 103 and UK’s own Deepmilo (Cubism) in the Baby Box.

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Joris: As all artists at the night are from Amsterdam, what connects you, (besides being from the same city)?

Lauhaus: a craving for rocking the crowd and a ‘nice guy’ mentality.

Joris: What distinguishes you from the other artists this night?

Lauhaus: I think we all share our taste in music, but you could say i’m a bit more housy then the rest of the guys who are playing this weekend.

Joris: What is great (or not so) about the Amsterdam electronic music scene, and does it have any influence across the borders?

Lauhaus: I love the amsterdam electronic music scene. Two years ago the amsterdam sound was a bit of a hype, and that really put amsterdam back on the map as a party and music city. since then many young artists and promoter have stood up.

Joris: What city anywhere in the world comes close to the Amsterdam experience?

Lauhaus: Kingston, Jamiaca.

Joris: What comes after your dj career, or will you spin till you drop?

Lauhaus: I will always keep on spinning but are definitely other things i’m getting involved in. We will see what the future brings.

Joris: What are your 7 favourite Amsterdam tracks?

Lauhaus: sandy huner – rare tap | lauhaus – back to ipanema | kabale und liebe feat. daniel sanchez | mumbling yeah william kouam | djoko – hard loving | boris werner – let’s boogie | david labeij – shakedown | julien chaptal – mamdaye |

Joris: What’s your lucky number?

Lauhaus: 69