Saturday 3rd July will see Zanzibar’s newest and most exciting venue B4 Beach Club hosting ‘Zanzibiza meets Meoko’ which will be showcasing Modernity events’ Madnax and Olivia and Zanzibiza resident Rasmoses.
With any Haven such as B4 beach club comes a rich history. In 2016, owner Alexander Gohse wanted to bring electronic music over to the island, having tired of what was musically on offer. A pop up beach bar was opened for a year until closing in 2017 due to contract. However, the ever supportive and industry driven Berlin community saw his vision and came with the aid needed to make this vision a reality. Supporters such as Norman Webber, Niconé, Daniel Dreier, Philip Bader and Ibiza sonica came together to help build this dream which has evolved into the magical venue that is B4 Beach Club.
B4 Beach Club is the first venue in Zanzibar to showcase international electronic music artists and bring all aspects of the electronic music spectrum to the island. Since March 2021, Zanzibiza has been bringing artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Mar-T, Caal and Alci with Tierra events, Musiqtrip and Amnesia. With the ground-breaking success of the recent edition of Sunwaves, it is safe to say Zanzibar is shaping up to be ‘Zanzibiza’ with its ties to the Balearic island’s music scene and Bohemian ethos and culture.

Prior to B4, the music scene in Zanzibar was strictly African music and international mainstream pop. This new haven was able to showcase electronic music with a real sound system and light show. It’s new Centralita DJ booth instalment with kv2 sound brings a unique energy to the venue.
B4 has been monumental for the community bringing the island together to bond over their love of food and music. Also, as it is known to be the best kite surfing spot in the world, B4 offers activities such as diving and snorkeling as well as, of course, kite-surfing. Not only that, the venue offers other wholesome get-togethers such as BBQ nights, movie nights under the stars and paella events with El Fallero.

pc: @harryboeki

With such a great community ethos, friendly staff, top notch food and a unique musical experience to boot, B4 is growing to be a key venue for our scene. Expect organic sounds and magical grooves this Saturday in one of the most picturesque settings you will ever find yourself in.

Hakuna Matata!


Words Henry Mather

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